July 7, 2021
How the game of football injects the feeling of fraternity and group building.

Football is a sport that compromises of 11 players per team with 22 at once on the field at a single football match. Individuality is absolutely important in football without a doubt but only individual ability or brilliance does not win you game nor does it win you trophies. The truth to be said, football is a collective game where if a “team” does not function like a team then there is no use for fighting for a cause because when these 11 different individuals come together and form one unit, that is when you start witnessing the expected outcome.

The game is beautiful. It is phenomenal which is why it has half the globe clutched in its fist. When someone starts watching the game in his early days, it is individuality that grasps its attention and why wouldn’t it? After all dribbles, skills, step-overs, feints and shots out of 40 yards are absolutely interesting but once you start growing deeper and deeper into the game you realize that without these certain components functioning together, you can’t win.

Now coming to the important part, to work as a single unit and frame a well prepared strategy and outcome on the field these same individuals must work together. Working together for football is not just limited to training ground drills and operating under her guidance of a coach but it consists of having dinner together, waking up at the same time, working cooperatively on the training ground, going to gym together and most importantly being good mates with each other. These are a few factors that when you combine you arrive at the conclusions that football is not just a sport but a lifestyle which builds concrete relations and develops the feeling of fraternity and group building. So when we go into detail of these factors mentioned what is it that enables and escalates the feeling of brother hood among players?

Nature of the game

Every player in a football team has the same interests which prompts them to work towards the same goal. The priority of all these individuals is to achieve together for their academy or football club and such can only be accomplished by working together as team. The beauty of the game lies in its nature. To elaborate, football is the type of game that will somehow, in all possible cases build fraternity and brotherhood among teammates because simply you cannot do anything alone.

The essence of football lies in the fact that it is game that revolves around the ball and scoring goals and for that you have to pass the ball and move it around as failing to do so will not bring you success so football by nature brings equal opportunity. The players are 11 and they have to operate in different blocks.

The defence and teamwork

The defence is the last line of protection for a football team and if it is exposed then the opposition team will have a clear go at the keeper. The defence is an amazing example as to how football builds team work because first of all you have to keep communicating to stay in position and move accordingly to intercept the ball and anticipate danger quickly. The way it works is such that a player carries one operation at once. Two defenders cannot go thrash into a single opposition player like a cat chasing rats so they must coordinate, communicate and plan as a group. However the most important thing to highlight is the offside and managing the last line. The game works in a manner that the defence line has to move up and down together as a line, if there is not order in positioning then the opposition can exploit your lack of communication and teamwork hence working on the offside is a great example of team building in the game.

The midfield and working together

Similar to the defence, the midfield line of may it be two players or three must play in a cooperative manner. Communication is key! Without talking it out and working together as a united nothing can be achieved in football therefore, the midfield must move up and down together similar to the defence. An example can be taken from pressing the opposition, if the forward line presses and the midfield line does not follow up or close down the area and make it compact then the opposition could have space to exploit you. On the training ground midfielders must talk to each over when to press and how to press as by keen communication you can make less errors which will work in your team’s favour. Factors such as whom will hold and whom will commit to the ball need to be taken into consideration as well. Again, communication is key. The beauty of the game is that it is such that these players need to work together for the betterment of the team and working together eventually leads to a sense of friendliness among the players.

The link up of the forward line

Most of the team’s creative load is dependant on the forward line who need to make chances and finish them as well. Individuality is a key factor here because wingers who operate on the flanks are allowed the license to dribble and take on players but only for them to a cross for the teammates in the box, that is the key! The truth is Lionel Messi has fooled us through dribbling past 5 to 6 at once (no pun intended). The passing sequence between the forwards in the final third of the field is very crucial if you wanna create chances to shoot and that is where teamwork comes into play. There is a concept in football known as mini movements and these movements can be in all directions. Given the limited time in the offensive areas of the field these decisions must be made quickly and for that you need to know your teammate’s move before it has even happened. Again, the art of communication comes into play again. Players communicate before hand about their next actions in different situations and circumstances and once the sequence between you and your mates work, the fruit is delicious and further evolves player relationship.

Training ground antics

Football is played on the field and most of the emotions and celebrations evolve when you achieve together as a team when you score a goal or win the game however most of the relationships are built on the training ground because the environment is semi professional with the room to have fun. There is so much done on the training ground that leads to team building, taking an example of communication as it has been mentioned in this piece multiple times so ideally the training ground is the best place to communicate may it be related to the game or something else. These are where the conversations flow and develop and players establish a friendly attitude with one and other.

Coming towards drills, their importance cannot be understated at all as it builds the sense of frankness and fun between fellow teammates. Some of the drills that enable this are the tic tac toe game and sprints which helps in decision making, awareness and endurance as well. The training ground is the master platform for developing friendly competition as Player “A” might push player “B” to do better and might even let out a joke or a funny comment while in the midst of it. These aspects help a team turn into “team” and only improve the performances on the field as the better the players know and like each other, the better they will click on the field while they also become fond of their personalities.

Gym together, eat together, spending time together

The idea is simple that you become best pals with the people you spend the most time with it and the same phenomena applies to football in truth. The reason why football injects fraternity and group building is because these players spend hours with each other every day and that too in different situations, ideally enabling one to experience the other in so many different situations. Football players are not just teammates, they are friends but of the highest creed! As a matter of fact they’re not different than brothers because these same people will spend time in the gym together helping each other in working out, they will share the same table when having lunch or dinner, they will train hard together on the same training ground and will operate as one whole unit on match days as they have the same aim.

Not only that but they’re extra curriculars such as celebrating each other’s birthdays in person which promotes love and emotion between these players. Social media plays a very important role in team building too as the players often joke around and pass comments on their mate’s posts on Instagram or Facebook. Teammates would also at times banter each other on twitter just for the sake of fun highlighting that the bonds that are established are strong.

Shared feelings

Football is a game full of different sensations and emotions. Sometimes a team might experience sorrow while on other days may be happier. The beauty is that they achieve together and they lose together, whatever the outcome is what will matter in the end is that they did it together. At times teams might face relegation but what’s important is being glued as one and fighting back to win what you have lost. Some experiences are rather exciting such as winning silverware and the joy of winning as a whole is unmatched. Truth is that these people whom are your team mates will stay with you in the darkest and the shiniest of all experiences. Yes, some players may transfer out or change their allegiances depending where their heart guides them but the group usually sticks together and works as one component which describes team building at its best.

The support of the fans

The fans give us meaning and make the game what it is today. Without a doubt football is nothing without fans and the very same fans play a very important part in aspects such as team building and keeping the flow of the game. An example can be given when if there is a fallout in the team and players might not like each other then they might work together and fight for a 3rd party. In football even if they are fights between teammates, the goal of the team does not change which makes it so pleasant in nature. Sir Alex Ferguson and Roy Keane are two big examples, they did not like each other but had a professional relationship.  Roy Keane was at the club for 12 years and yet him and Sir Alex dominated the English League and Europe together for various times. The fans played a very important role in this as they direct the team and are worth forgetting your rivalries as they play a huge part in keeping the set united and forming brotherhood among clubs and teams.

Teaches us how to play as a whole

Lastly coming towards the most important part of how football injects fraternity and team building into us we will discover some tactical concepts and its relation with teamwork and group building. In this entire piece we have highlighted how important communication is in football and how it helps us to maximize our potential on the field which then leads to off field relations. The truth is football is all about planning and communication and almost every action requires keen communication and good relation between teammates.

They are a few concepts in football that highlight communication, one of them are positional rotations which are quick interchanges of positions or zones between football players such as the winger changing his position with the midfielder on his side. Now this is a very hard tactic to pull off and it has a lot to do with coaching off the field but the understanding and coordination between the teammates is crucial and is deemed as the deciding factor in this circumstance. Players would discuss backstage on the training on what is the trigger that will be the sign for the other teammate to rotate, will it be by call or just sense? Will it be eye contact? The players will decide

Another concept is the service for forwards which is something we have discussed before. The problem with centre forwards or inside wingers is that they need to move to get into space for an open or semi chance and this movement has to be done at the right time at an opportunity where a pass is possible and at the best possible second where the forward receives the pass before it is too late or he goes offside. For this having a good relationship with your winger or attacking midfielder is crucial. You have to tell him about the way you will move and imitate what actions do you take such as faking a run, dropping before running behind etc so your player knows what you are doing. Success in these situations is a double bonus and increases the fondness and respect one player has for another as for in this example we can tell that a Centre forward’s best friend is his service provider

The last concept that we will touch is knowing your teammate. This involves knowing his preferred foot, knowing when he will want to receive, when he does not want the ball or not and whether to put him in situations that are not desirable for him for example passing him under pressure when he is not so good dealing with it.

Football is a team game that gets into full flow when there is good communication between teammates and when you know each other’s strengths. These actions inevitably lead to us working together increasing our love for each other and enables fraternity among team members. It helps us in group building and forming relationship because the nature of the game is such and it will never change.


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